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--- Comment #20 from Basavaraj Padmashali Sidda <basavaraj.ps at samsung.com>  2013-03-04 06:14:47 PST ---
Hi Brady,

This issue is seen in webkit2 code based and not in webkit and chrome, and here is explanation, 

About the issue: 

When load with substitute data, LoadHTMLString() is called with m_loadType is Back/Forward Type for a error page(unreachable URL in our case) in FrameLoader::Load(), the loadType is set to “Reload” if shouldReloadToHandleUnreachableURL() returns true,  Standard Type otherwise. 

shouldReloadToHandleUnreachableURL() return value depends on m_delegateIsHandlingProvisionalLoadError. 

On Webkit(single process) or  when an error page is loaded, m_delegateIsHandlingProvisionalLoadError is set to true. Then a call is made to 

Client’s  dispatchDidFailProvisionalLoad(). This method does a load with substitute data (LoadHTMLString). On  LoadHTMLString , shouldReloadToHandleUnreachableURL () is called. It returns true. As a result the loadType is set to “Reload” and duplication of history item of the error page is not seen on Back/Forward navigation.  Then m_delegateIsHandlingProvisionalLoadError is reset. See the code below:

m_delegateIsHandlingProvisionalLoadError = true;
m_client->dispatchDidFailProvisionalLoad(error); -- sync call of LoadHTMLString() in webkit(single process)
m_delegateIsHandlingProvisionalLoadError = false;

However on webkit2 :
m_delegateIsHandlingProvisionalLoadError = true;
m_client->dispatchDidFailProvisionalLoad(error); -- async call of LoadHTMLString() in webkit(single process)
m_delegateIsHandlingProvisionalLoadError = false;

The call to client’s dispatchDidFailProvisionalLoad() is async. The m_delegateIsHandlingProvisionalLoadError is reset before LoadHTMLString is called from the client. Thus shouldReloadToHandleUnreachableURL() returns false instead of true.  As result a Back/Forward navigation is affected.

Have 2 approaches to fix the issue. 

Approach 1
Implementation of sendSync in client's dispatchDidFailProvisionalLoad(). However this may not be good approach, because this will stall the UI process.
Call flow for the same is WebProcess -> UIProcess -> App -> UIProcess -> Webprocess. Also overwriting loadType to “Reload” on history navigation does not seem to be proper.

The proposed patch (https://bug-93680-attachments.webkit.org/attachment.cgi?id=188035). 
In this, we just restore the loadType if it is back/forward type when loading substitute data during Back/Forward Navigation, instead of overwriting loadType to "reload" and loading as reload.

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