[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 50376] WebKit shares browser session with Safari

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--- Comment #4 from Martin H├Ącker <spamfaenger at gmx.de>  2013-06-06 04:27:05 PST ---
Is there any known workaround for this bug report?

To repeat the use case: I would like to use Webkit Nightlies for development and to detect bugs in it. To set up a development environment I would like it _not_ to share a session with Safari, so it can have it's own bookmarks and does not share open windows with Safari. Also I want to regularly get rid of caches in Webkit Nightlies while retaining them in Safari.

Till now my workaround has been to just use Chromium, as that was just WebKit with a different UI but with no shared session.

But I'd like to get off of Blink now and use Webkit Nightlies.

So is there any recommended workaround to have the two applications not sharing state?

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