[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 115353] [Soup] Add support to disable "Accept-Encoding:" HTTP header on soup ResourceRequest

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--- Comment #13 from Andre Moreira Magalhaes <andrunko at gmail.com>  2013-06-04 09:50:24 PST ---
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> (In reply to comment #11)
> > The patch in bug 115354 does :)
> This should really be one change instead of pushing a patch that uses dead code. I'm also not sure about the name. Shouldn't it be something like setCompressionEnabled or similar? I'm also a bit wary of this because it's a new method on ResourceRequestBase, but only implemented for libsoup. Is this a problem for Qt?

As for the patch split, I am not used to the webkit commit scheme and I usually try to make patches per functionality. In this case one patch is to enable the support to disable AcceptEncoding field on requests (this bug) and the other is to actually disable it on the gstreamer player (bug #115354), hence the separate bugs.

The name chosen was because the header is called Accept-Encoding, but I have no hard preference here.

As for this being a problem with Qt, I don't think this is the case as the patch keeps the same default behaviour.

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