[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 108373] [harfbuzz] WebKit fails to build with MinGW compiler because of invalid cast in HarfBuzzShaper.cpp

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--- Comment #12 from Kalev Lember <kalevlember at gmail.com>  2013-06-03 14:12:54 PST ---
UChar is always defined as a 16 bit type. Depending on the build configuration, the exact type can vary, but it's always a 16 bit type.

In the GTK+/MinGW configuration, the preprocessor magic chooses it to be wchar_t, but only after making sure wchar_t is a 16 bit type.

Unfortunately, even though the source and target types are both 16 bit, gcc considers them to be different, so it needs an explicit reinterpret_cast.

>From Source/JavaScriptCore/icu/unicode/umachine.h:
    typedef wchar_t UChar;
#if defined _GCC_
    typedef __CHAR16_TYPE__ char16_t;
    typedef char16_t UChar;
    typedef uint16_t UChar;

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