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--- Comment #11 from Stephen <sfcheng at gmail.com>  2013-07-09 20:31:41 PST ---
Thanks for the fixing the bug, Simon. However, that's not the end of the story when it comes to the rendering of the controls. After I apply this patch, the control now appears enabled. However, both the checkbox and radio buttons are not properly rendered. Here is a test page: http://www.slimbrowser.net/testpages/testform.htm . In this page, the checkbox appears not checked even after a mouse click. If I hover the mouse on the checkbox, the radio becomes checked. When I hover the mouse on the radio button and then move the mouse button away, it looks like a stretched radio buttom bitmap is drawn in the background on the first edit box in the same form. I am using the Windows Vista style on Windows 7 for this test. 

I did some tracing myself here. It appears there is problem with the code inside this function in qwindowsvistastyle.cpp.

void QWindowsVistaStyle::drawPrimitive(PrimitiveElement element, const QStyleOption *option,QPainter *painter, const QWidget *widget) const

There seems to be issues related to the transition animation drawing. Even if there is no state change, the oldState and state are never the same. If I disable the transition animation, the rendering is ok for Windows vista style. 

If I switch to the Windows XP style, the edit box is rendered without border. 

I can provide more details and clues if you want. But I guess you might push this bug towards the QT guys since it's already outside the qtwebkit layer. 

David, can you produce the same issue?

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