[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 118413] Percentage-based font-size is ignored below 56%

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--- Comment #1 from Mihnea Ovidenie <mihnea at adobe.com>  2013-07-05 10:03:19 PST ---
There is a comment on StyleResolver::getComputedSizeFromSpecifiedSize that i think it applies in your case:
// We support two types of minimum font size. The first is a hard override that applies to
// all fonts. This is "minSize." The second type of minimum font size is a "smart minimum"
// that is applied only when the Web page can't know what size it really asked for, e.g.,
// when it uses logical sizes like "small" or expresses the font-size as a percentage of
// the user's default font setting.

// With the smart minimum, we never want to get smaller than the minimum font size to keep fonts readable.
// However we always allow the page to set an explicit pixel size that is smaller,
// since sites will mis-render otherwise (e.g., http://www.gamespot.com with a 9px minimum).
In WebPreferencesStore.h, the smart minimum value is defined:
macro(MinimumLogicalFontSize, minimumLogicalFontSize, UInt32, uint32_t, 9)

So, in your case, you cannot go below 9px for the font size and i do not think this is customizable.
56% just happens to reach the 9 limit for the default font size of 16 (9/16 = 0.56).

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