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--- Comment #22 from Przemyslaw Szymanski <p.szymanski3 at samsung.com>  2013-07-02 02:40:37 PST ---
Maybe I didn't wirte patch description clear. OpenGL allow to bind textures of different types in the same texture unit as you mentioned and I didn't change it in the WebKit code.
I only removed unnecessary texture variable from TextureUnitState because OpenGL allow to make operations only on actually bound texture at the same time. So in the WebKit code there is used only one pointer to texture at the same time in the same texture unit.

So it is still possible to:
with no erros, but in WebKit after each texture bind TextureUnitState.m_textureBinding is changed (first texture2D then textureCubeMap).

And to your question: yes, my patch is covered also by conformance/textures/texture-active-bind-2.html and conformance/textures/texture-active-bind.html
My patch is covered by all existing texture tests which are pass without my patch (so my patch doesn't break any of those tests).

I hope it is all clear now. Thank you for your attention.

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