[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 118287] SelectAll does not work if first element within body is content editable

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Tue Jul 2 05:31:24 PDT 2013


--- Comment #3 from vanivhegde at gmail.com  2013-07-02 05:33:22 PST ---
Please note that this is a WIP patch. I am looking for some inputs to arrive at the fix. Please have a look.

Below are the regressions caused:

Changes in VisiblePosition.cpp cause below regressions:
  editing/deleting/5272440.html [ Failure ]
  editing/execCommand/crash-indenting-list-item.html [ Failure ]
  editing/selection/click-outside-editable-div.html [ Failure ]

Changes in VisibleSelection.cpp cause below regressions:
Regressions: Unexpected image and text failures (1)
  editing/selection/editable-non-editable-crash.html [ Failure ]

Regressions: Unexpected text-only failures (1)
  editing/execCommand/indent-pre-list.html [ Failure ]

Changes in FrameSelection.cpp cause below regressions:
  editing/selection/select-all-006.html [ Failure ]
  editing/style/apple-style-editable-mix.html [ Failure ]

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