[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 108597] [EFL][WK2] MiniBrowser segfaults on loading google.com

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Fri Feb 1 01:44:11 PST 2013


Christophe Dumez <dchris at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Christophe Dumez <dchris at gmail.com>  2013-02-01 01:46:12 PST ---
We hit an assertion on debug builds:
ERROR: Thread name "com.apple.WebKit.ProcessLauncher" is longer than 31 characters and will be truncated by Visual Studio
/home/chris/Devel/WebKit/Source/WTF/wtf/Threading.cpp(78) : WTF::ThreadIdentifier WTF::createThread(WTF::ThreadFunction, void*, const char*)
HTML5 local storage is enabled for this view.
/home/chris/Devel/WebKit/Source/WebKit2/Platform/CoreIPC/unix/ConnectionUnix.cpp(227) : bool CoreIPC::Connection::processMessage()
1   0x7f95a5c91bb4 CoreIPC::Connection::processMessage()
2   0x7f95a5c92818 CoreIPC::Connection::readyReadHandler()
3   0x7f95a5a197da WTF::FunctionWrapper<void (CoreIPC::Connection::*)()>::operator()(CoreIPC::Connection*)
4   0x7f95a5a195b4 WTF::BoundFunctionImpl<WTF::FunctionWrapper<void (CoreIPC::Connection::*)()>, void (CoreIPC::Connection*)>::operator()()
5   0x7f95a5b583d0 WTF::Function<void ()>::operator()() const
6   0x7f95a5c8fb5c WorkQueue::performFileDescriptorWork()
7   0x7f95a5c8ff7e WorkQueue::workQueueThread(WorkQueue*)
8   0x7f95a234f2e1
9   0x7f95a2376e3a
10  0x7f959cd00e9a
11  0x7f95a4e6ccbd clone
LEAK: 1 WebPage
LEAK: 1 WebFrame
LEAK: 3 RenderObject
LEAK: 1 Page
LEAK: 1 Frame
LEAK: 1 CachedResource
LEAK: 1 SubresourceLoader
LEAK: 4 WebCoreNode
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

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