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--- Comment #14 from Aivo Paas <aivopaas at gmail.com>  2013-02-17 01:42:24 PST ---
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> I think you’re overreacting here. We’re trying to decide *what* change to make. I suggested an option where the cursor could indeed be changed.

Sorry, I didn't read that out from your comments, maybe the wording wasn't clear.

Currently WebKit does update cursor on moving mouse while a button is pressed, but does not if mouse is idle. So, the patch in bug 101857 only changes behavior when mouse button is pressed and mouse not moved. To cause a cursor change under those conditions you can do it by a timer or in mousedown handler. Both cases are not reflected until you move the mouse and there should be no question about if it is a bug or not. And the patch doesn't basically change anything more than bypass the check that disabled updating cursor while button is held down. Regular mousemove didn't have that check but the fake mousemove event used on style changes, does.

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