[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 108960] [GTK] Remove subresource leaks from WebKit1 and WebKit2

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--- Comment #7 from Carlos Garcia Campos <cgarcia at igalia.com>  2013-02-11 04:53:42 PST ---
The subresources API was used by ephy in webkit1 to implement the save feature, saving the main resource and then all subresources in a folder. In WebKit2 we have a specific API for that webkit_web_view_save, that allows to save in mhtml format, so get_subresources() is not used anymore. AFAIK nobody is currently using the get_subresources() method, at least the apps I've ported so far. 

So, we could either remove the API, or try to reimplement it as an async method that reloads the page and collects the resources that would be returned transfering the ownership to the caller. This approach has several issues, though, not all resources are available after a reload (see bug https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=78510) and it's impossible to know when to finish the operation in some cases like the one attached to this bug. On the other hand, our API allows the user to collect all subresources during the load, so I think the easiest solution would be to not cache the resources, and simply remove the get_subresources() method.

For webkit1 we can do the same, but returning NULL from get_subresources() and marking it as deprecated in favor of a new save() method similar to the wk2 one.

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