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> After doing some research it looks like this problem will arise if you have dll's that are compiled with VS2005 which I undoubtedly have. (A lot of the dll's that come in the WebKitSupportLibrary). 
> I believe if I want this to work I have to install VS2005 and I'll get all the dll's/lib's I need with it. However I'd rather not have any dependence on old stuff. Ideally, these libs are recompiled in VS2010. Maybe they already are somewhere?
> This problem will prevent me from developing in release mode. Debug mode seems to be fine however, I'm not sure why, but it seems to automatically link against MSVCR100. In fact, the dependency walker shows that the debug executable has no dependency on pthreadsVC2.dll and the like at all. I probably don't understand something about how debug mode works.

Is this a problem caused by linking against two different runtime libraries (the VS2005 and VS2010 versions?)

You can probably get around installing VS2005 by just downloading the "Visual Studio Redistributable Libraries" installer.  These come with VS2005, but I believe Microsoft provides a separate set of downloads for them as well.  These will make sure the proper stuff is available in your Windows partition.

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