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Sun Dec 8 17:39:16 PST 2013

The `thisArg` value is passed without modification as the `this` value. Thi=
s is a change from Edition 3, where a `undefined` or `null` `thisArg` is re=
placed with the global object and `ToObject` is applied to all other values=
 and that result is passed as the `this` value.

It seems like modern engines still have the ES3 behavior:

   function foo() {
     return this;
   }; =3D=3D=3D undefined; // `false`, expected `true`

I=E2=80=99ve tested this in Spidermonkey/Firefox, Carakan/PrestOpera, JSC/S=
afari, and v8/Chrome. They all show FAIL in this test case:

   data:text/html,<script>function foo() { console.log(this); return this; =
}; document.write( =3D=3D=3D undefined %3F 'PASS' %3A 'F=

Is this=E2=80=A6

1. a wilful violation of the ES5 spec for back-compat reasons, or=E2=80=A6
2. is it just an oversight that this never got implemented, or=E2=80=A6
3. am I misreading the spec?

If 2 is the case, please fix this :)

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