[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 125008] Intermittent XHR Failures

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--- Comment #9 from Whitney <wbyoung at gmail.com>  2013-12-08 19:52:06 PST ---
Sorry, I absolutely should have been more clear. I was in a hurry when I updated this before.

I've realized that the issue no longer has to do with an XMLHTTPRequest and instead has to do with POST requests via SSL.

To reproduce:

 - Install Lighttpd 1.4.26
 - run: cd example/server
 - run: lighttpd -f lighttpd.conf -D
 - Open example/test.html in Safari 7.0
 - Click "Send"

Expectation: POST request connects and completes immediately when connecting to the local server.

Actual result: POST request hangs and eventually returns an empty response.

Also, when testing, I just created an empty file at example/server/public/index.html, but if you put content in that you'll see more clearly that with Lighttpd 1.4.26 it return an empty response.

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