[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 119140] REGRESSION: Crash beneath cti_vm_throw_slowpath due to invalid CallFrame pointer

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Thu Aug 1 01:35:13 PDT 2013


--- Comment #20 from Julien Brianceau <jbrianceau at nds.com>  2013-08-01 01:34:57 PST ---
(In reply to comment #17)
> That means that ctiVMThrowTrampolineSlowpath will need to be modified for those compilers to allocate the struct space on the stack and put the address in %ecx, put callFrame in %edx and then on return use the values in the stack instead of %eax:edx

Exactly. To confirm this, I've replaced the implementation of ctiVMThrowTrampolineSlowpath in Source/JavaScriptCore/jit/JITStubsX86.h like this:

asm (
".globl " SYMBOL_STRING(ctiVMThrowTrampolineSlowpath) "\n"
HIDE_SYMBOL(ctiVMThrowTrampolineSlowpath) "\n"
SYMBOL_STRING(ctiVMThrowTrampolineSlowpath) ":" "\n"
    "movl %edi, %edx" "\n"
    "call " LOCAL_REFERENCE(cti_vm_throw_slowpath) "\n"
    // When cti_vm_throw_slowpath returns, eax has callFrame and edx has handler address
    "movl (%ecx), %eax" "\n"
    "movl 4(%ecx), %edx" "\n"
    "jmp *%edx" "\n"

Results are ok:
- run-fast-jsc reports "426 tests passed, 34 tests failed, 0 tests crashed."
- run-javascriptcore-tests reports "0 regressions found. 0 tests fixed. OK."

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