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--- Comment #9 from Ben Boeckel <mathstuf at gmail.com>  2013-08-15 14:31:08 PST ---
So to remake the list for clarity (anything missing from the original list is obsolete):

>   - the SoupSession in inaccessible which was used for:
>     * send events on cookie add/delete so that plugins could filter and persist cookies between instances;

There's WebKitCookieManager::changed, but getting a cookie structure with the signal would be nice (maybe ::added, ::removed, and ::modified all calling callback(WebKitCookieManager*, WebKitCookie*) or something)). Also the ability to manually add/remove cookies for more fine-grained policy making outside of first/third party groupings.

>   - access to frames. There are a few things this blocks:
>     * support for issuing JS commands to the currently focused frame (to avoid CORS errors);
>     * printing the currently focused frame;
>     * commands manipulating frame focus, listing frames, etc.;
>     * loading arbitrary content into a frame (webkit_web_frame_load_string);

Probably doable via JS access to the page (via a WebKitWebExtension).

>   - access to webkit's scrollbars (uzbl has a scroll command for keybindings);
>   - access to the actual JS context of the page (webkit_web_view_get_javascript_global_context returns an isolated context);

Looks like it would need a WebKitWebExtension. An expanded WebKitWebExtension API would be nice to have and more docs on how to create/install one would be great. I'll open a separate bug for WebKitWebExtension API requests.

>   - a comparable API to WebKitWebPluginDatabase for:
>     * refreshing the plugin list;
>     * toggling specific plugins (and a property in WebKitWebPlugin for whether it is enabled);
>   - a call to remove all web databases used by webkit;
>   - web database management (WebKitSecurityOrigin);
>   - unsetting security policies for schemes (though an API like WebKit1 with enum flags rather than an array of functions would be better anyways);
>   - a function to get a WebKitHitTestResult at an arbitrary point on the page (uzbl has support for emulating clicks, so "last hover target" isn't necessarily useful);
>   - a comparable API to WebKitViewportAttributes;


>   - getting the current page's encoding;

This is not custom-encoding (which is just a user override of the encoding HTTP header).

>   - the following properties:
>     * on WebKitWebInspector:
>       - javascript-profiling-enabled,
>       - timeline-profiling-enabled,

More programmatic access to the Inspector is needed; I'll try to get a concrete list and open a bug for it since it's distinct enough.

>     * on WebKitWebSettings:
>       - enable-spatial-navigation,

Bug #114298.

>       - auto-resize-window,
>       - enable-scripts,
>       - enable-dom-paste,
>       - auto-shrink-images,
>       - respect-image-orientation,
>       - minimum-font-size,
>       - minimum-logical-font-size,
>     * on WebKitWebView:
>       - transparent,
>       - editable.


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