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--- Comment #110 from Brendan Long <b.long at cablelabs.com>  2013-08-08 10:53:09 PST ---
I have the following problems with the tests:

  * I can't use counting-captioned.mov, because GStreamer doesn't see the caption stream, and even if it did, it would get the kind wrong (since there's no way to tell the difference between captions and subtitles).

  * I can't use counting-subtitled.m4v, because Apple's tests expect that file to have "forced" subtitles, and there's no way to detect that in GStreamer either, even if we wanted to support it (which I think is outside the scope of this patch -- I really want to get the minimal version working before adding more).

I think I can fix this by creating a new counting-subtitled-no-forced.m4v file (is there any free software I can use to verify that my new file's subtitles aren't forced?). Is that the best way of handling this? It's kind of frustrating that none of the existing tests work because we need particular "kinds".

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