[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 96163] SVG does not respect overflow:visible

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--- Comment #12 from popecode at gmail.com  2013-08-02 09:21:26 PST ---
My practice benefits greatly from Webkit technology.  I am grateful for it. 

Unless the spec clearly states to the contrary, it should be read to be consistent with its context.  And I think that means that the "overflow" attribute in an SVG tag should work in symmetry with how the overflow attribute works elsewhere, e.g., in a DIV tag.

The fiddle on this, to my mind, plainly illustrates the problem. Has anyone looked at this?  Try it with a Webkit browser and then with Firefox nightly.  Hopefully the stark difference there illustrated will see this matter through the pettifogging and toward a fix.

...nearly one year outstanding?

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