[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 113492] [Chromium] Bad cast from BitmapImageSingleFrameSkia to BitmapImage

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--- Comment #7 from Christophe Dumez <dchris at gmail.com>  2013-04-02 00:47:26 PST ---
Ok, so actually, I understand why the code worked now.

createDragImageFromImage() is called from differently places. Depending, where it is called from, the input Image may have a different type.

If the input image really is a BitmapImage, then the code would work. However, if the image came from ImageBuffer::copyImage(), then it is a BitmapImageSingleFrameSkia. And the code may crash or simply not do anything if you're lucky. This happens, for example, when you *select* elements and then drag them.

So, I think the patch from Bug 66597 would solve it as BitmapImageSingleFrameSkia::isBitmapImage() would no longer return true. The image would get rotated only if it is actually a BitmapImage, not a BitmapImageSingleFrameSkia. And this would be fine because we do not need to rotate the BitmapImageSingleFrameSkia anyway.

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