[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 95906] WKTR often reports an unresponsive WebProcess on Mac bots

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--- Comment #8 from Tim Horton <timothy_horton at apple.com>  2012-09-06 22:57:12 PST ---
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> News:
> 1. Yes, the bots are extremely strained for resources (I/O mostly), though it's not totally clear why. Having a billion WebProcesses, WebKitTestRunners, and Python processes probably isn't helping, though.
> 2. r110382 made WKTR no longer wait for LongTimeout while waiting for the final message from the WebProcess (except in the case of waitUntilDone tests). This probably made the situation a lot worse. I need to understand why this change was made, and what we can do to reintroduce a timeout there without breaking run-perf-tests.

Oh, hey.  The intent of "NoTimeout" is that we wait forever, not that we wait for no time. However, there's a FIXME that notes that this isn't implemented on Mac, and is instead causing it to wait for no time (because the timeout is -1).

I'm not sure we want to wait forever (what if the WebProcess gets stuck forever!?), but this also explains what they were going for.

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