[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 13598] <td> tag can cause Webkit to generate empty space

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> Source/WebCore/rendering/AutoTableLayout.cpp:436
> +                    if (!((m_layoutStruct[pos].logicalWidth.isPercent() || m_layoutStruct[pos].logicalWidth.isFixed())) && totalPercent > 0 && fixedWidth <= cellMinLogicalWidth)

I don't think that's right. How about calc() / viewport relative logical width(s)? How about the future if we support other values? If you want to handle only 'auto' wdith, you should probably check it explicitly and not check anything non-auto.

> LayoutTests/fast/table/table-colspan-cell-widths.html:6
> +    cellspacing: 0;
> +    cellpadding: 0;

This is wrong and you can see that in the TEXT dump as your cells are wider than your absolute width.

|cellspacing| and |cellpadding| are HTML attributes not CSS properties. The CSS equivalent are resp. border-spacing and padding.

AFAICT you don't need the padding rule as we use the cells' border boxes to compute our widths but could be wrong.

> LayoutTests/fast/table/table-colspan-cell-widths.html:19
> +        <td width="100%">
> +            <div style="width: 50px; background-color: green;">&nbsp;</div>
> +        </td>            

This doesn't make much sense to not set a background-color on your cell as you don't see that it's properly sized.

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