[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 95758] [chromium] Adjust texture priorities in preparation of impl-thread eviction of only some textures

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--- Comment #11 from Eric Penner <epenner at chromium.org>  2012-09-04 19:00:01 PST ---
> Yes -- eventually, you'll hit a hard limit for all memory allowed to be allocated.  When we set the "priority limit", we may want to set it to be "lingering for X frames", which will allow them to be purged more aggressively.

But even if you do that, all the 'far' tiles will be completely gone right? Why not lump 'far' together with 'unknown' such that they can all linger for X frames rather than 'far' disappearing first.

> > Hmm, how about reducing to one viewport scaler (average or sum?). In particular a wide viewport shouldn't bias towards caching horizontal tiles.
> Oh -- the current scheme is to treat the dimensions separately, so a wide viewport is only taken into account when looking at the horizontal distance to the viewport (and a tall viewport is only taken into account when looking at the vertical distance).

I see that but it doesn't seem optimal. The more I think about it, the less I'm convinced we need to normalize by viewport size at all. But if we do, I don't think it should be biased for x or y based on the viewport dimensions. If anything we should always bias towards vertical caching as that's where the user will most likely be scrolling and seeing blank tiles.

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