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--- Comment #6 from Dominic Mazzoni <dmazzoni at google.com>  2012-09-04 10:29:54 PST ---
Hi -

I'm sorry for not just mapping to ATK_ROLE_CANVAS right away. I didn't know how that might affect Orca, so I tried to just keep the same behavior as before with ATK, rather than make assumptions.

The only potential reason to not always map to ATK_ROLE_CANVAS is if you think it'd make sense to distinguish between an interactive canvas and a static one.

For example:

1. <canvas alt="User image icon" width=100 height=100></canvas>

2. <canvas width=100 height=100 id="monkey_spinner_widget">
       Number of flying monkeys
       <input type="range" min=0 max=100>

In the first case, it might make more sense to use ATK_ROLE_IMAGE since the canvas is just static content, and conceptually it's just an image. In the second case, from an accessibility perspective the canvas element is just a container for an interactive widget. It's not conceptually a "graphic" anymore, the canvas element is just a container for interactive content - and the fact that it's displayed in a graphical canvas is only of secondary importance to a screen reader user.

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