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--- Comment #6 from Dan Vrátil <dvratil at redhat.com>  2012-09-16 12:37:25 PST ---
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> (In reply to comment #2)
> > We need it because we display each mail part in it's own <iframe>. This allows us to for example render plain text part and HTML part (which is a full-featued HTML document) in a single webview.
> > 
> > We obviously want the iframes to adapt their height to height of their content so that the entire document has just a single scrollbar, so we use frame-flattening.
> At risk of stating the obvious, it seems to me that it's not particularly 
> mandatory to implement things this way. So if this go is not fixed a possible 
> workaround would to just not use the same webview with different iframes to 
> render the content.

We tried having multiple WebKitWebViews in a single GtkScrolledWindow and it does not really work well, mainly because we have to implement our own frame-flattening (or rather webview-flattening) algorithm, for instance I was unable to make the webview shrink when the content became lower then the current webview (by making the window wider for instance). 

Also it does not really scale well, as we could end up having a WebKitWebView inside a WebKitWebView (for instance an text/plain email with an another text/plain email as an attachment) and that has notable impact on performance mainly when scrolling (we tried that as well).

Switching to multi-webview approach would also require extensive changes in our code, I doubt we would be able to do it and test it properly before freeze for 3.6 release later this month.

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