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--- Comment #9 from Byungwoo Lee <bw80.lee at samsung.com>  2012-09-04 09:56:19 PST ---
Or, how about providing smart class member function that intercepts the signals?

@@ -111,6 +111,14 @@ struct _Ewk_View_Smart_Class {
     Eina_Bool (*mouse_move)(Ewk_View_Smart_Data *sd, const Evas_Event_Mouse_Move *ev);
     Eina_Bool (*key_down)(Ewk_View_Smart_Data *sd, const Evas_Event_Key_Down *ev);
     Eina_Bool (*key_up)(Ewk_View_Smart_Data *sd, const Evas_Event_Key_Up *ev);
+    // intercept signals
+    //   - If overridden, related signal will not be emitted.
+    struct {
+        void (*javascript_alert)(Ewk_View_Smart_Data *sd, const char *message);
+        Eina_Bool (*javascript_confirm)(Ewk_View_Smart_Data *sd, const char *message);
+        Eina_Bool (*javascript_prompt)(Ewk_View_Smart_Data *sd, const char *message, const char *default_value, const char **value);
+    } intercept_signal;

Then elm_web or some other modules can override this method to customize the javascript popup callbacks, and other ewk_view users can use smart signal simply.

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