[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 100384] Webkit 1.10.1 shows "question mark" (?) instead utf8 char

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Tue Oct 30 12:49:31 PDT 2012


--- Comment #5 from Dâniel Fraga <fragabr at gmail.com>  2012-10-30 12:50:49 PST ---
> Fancy seems to be trying to override the default encoding of the email:
> g_object_set(viewer->settings, "default-encoding", charset, NULL);
> from fancy_viewer.c line 141. It doesn't seem like that should cause an issue, but I wonder in your case what encoding is being used here. If I knew, I could test locally.
> Right before that line is a line like this:
> debug_print("using %s charset\n", charset);
> Maybe you can try to get that output.

Hi Martin! Thanks for the reply. Fancy returns the following:

fancy_viewer.c:141:using windows-1252 charset

so maybe this is the problem right? So it's Fancy's fault?

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