[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 72837] [Gtk] Wrong rendering of Arabic text on Google Music

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--- Comment #6 from Eric Seidel <eric at webkit.org>  2012-10-27 12:01:26 PST ---
What the reporter is noting is that all of the letters are rendered in their isolated forms, instead of connecting.

Arabic is always cursive (no block letters), so depending on where in a word a letter appears, it uses one of 4 different forms (glyphs) to connect to the surrounding letters.  The image attached to this bug shows all the letters spaced (seemingly) correctly, but always drawn in their "isolated" forms.  Meaning they just randomly overlap each other in ways which are nonsensical and illegible.

Take for example the first (right-most) word in song 3.  It should read as: "احب", notice how the 2nd (middle) and 3rd (left-most) letter join together, instead of sitting next to each other "ا ح ب" like they do in the image (I had to add spaces between the letters to make them use their isolated forms and not connect.)

Anyway, any other browser you can find for your platform I'm sure gets this right, and I would be shocked if this bug isn't already resolved today.

http://jehazy.com/webfont/ is an example of arabic rendered with a WebFont for a different bug.  A non-arabic speaker could presumably use that to confirm if the arabic looks right in Midori (and then we can close this).

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