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--- Comment #14 from pdeng6 <pan.deng at intel.com>  2012-10-12 17:30:41 PST ---
 > > in addition, resource timing[1] said, "While executing the onresourcetimingbufferfull callback, PerformanceResourceTiming will continue to be collected beyond the maximum limit of the resources allowed in the PerformanceResourceTiming interface until...", seems this statement intends to ensure no resource timing entry loss when buffer is full. has it been discussed in web perf group?
> This line doesn't apply to us. WebKit is single threaded. We can't add another resource to the buffer while the event is firing.

Agree this, one thing puzzles me is, item 5.1.20 of processing model in [1] describes, a temp buffer should be used to collect beyond limit timing entries, while nothing related mentioned in section 4.
I've raised this issue to web perf group, unfortunately no feedback.
my preference is drop the beyond timing entries as honor user's choice.

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