[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 97258] [Qt] Certain SVG content freezes QtWebKit

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--- Comment #8 from Dawit A. <adawit at kde.org>  2012-10-08 22:45:00 PST ---
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> > I managed to reproduce it using Qt4 and QtWebKit 2.3.
> > 
> > The nearest common path of the backtraces seems to be:
> > 
> And all the functions I interrupt are in painting/qstroker.cpp
> So it seems to be a problem in Qt4 QStroker, that has been solved in Qt5. Unless this is a bug that has been fixed in the last couple of weeks in WebKit and therefore doesn't show up in trunk but only in the QtWebKit 2.3 branch (which is currently merged up to 18/9).

I do not think so. I think we have an infinite loop problem somewhere in webkit's SVG related code. I just am not sure where, but I can state definitively that I can reproduce the problem with both the 2.2 and 2.3 branches. 

The reason I think the issue is in QtWebKit is because I can view the SVG file in the example svgviewer provided in Qt examples folder just fine after removing the HTML related tags from the testcase file.

Also I have no problem viewing the testcase in Chromium (v22.0.1229.79 (158531)).

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