[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 101192] [CSSRegions] when WebKit uses V8, there should be a single variable to store if the CSS Regions feature is enabled

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--- Comment #10 from Mihai Maerean <mmaerean at adobe.com>  2012-11-13 05:57:46 PST ---
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> ok.  So, the patch shouldn't have Settings.{cpp.h} changes.  JSC platforms can't have a runtime flag for CSS Regions.

While developing the CSS Regions feature, it is needed that the CSS Regions code is built for the build bots of the JSC platforms so that the code doesn't get broken accidentally.

The JSC platforms must have a way to disable the CSS Regions code at runtime. This is the purpose of the cssRegionsEnabled property inside Settings (which is set to False by default).

For the platforms (like Chromium) that have WebRuntimeFeatures and RuntimeEnabledFeatures, there must be a property for the CSS Regions feature inside RuntimeEnabledFeatures like for the other features that are present in RuntimeEnabledFeatures. This way, the feature can be enabled by using the "experimental WebKit features" switch in chrome://flags/.

For Chromium, there would be 2 variables (one in Settings and one static variable in RuntimeEnabledFeatures)  storing whether the CSS Regions should be active at run-time. These 2 variables can become out of sync and cause bugs.

This bug (101192) is meant to fix this by changing Settings to point to RuntimeEnabledFeatures when RuntimeEnabledFeatures is available.

This is why there are changes in Settings.{cpp.h}. 

My question is what should we use instead of USE(V8) since that is not desired (see comment #6) and also because it doesn't build on cr-android?

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