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--- Comment #9 from Balazs Kilvady <kilvadyb at homejinni.com>  2012-11-09 08:02:52 PST ---
(In reply to comment #8)
> (In reply to comment #7)
> > hmmm... maybe if I move the implementation of the emit{Int32,Double,..}PutByVal to the corresponding cpp it would be ok with the templates, but then it should be in both cpps.
> I tried moving the implementation of these methods to the general parot of the JITPropertyAccess.cpp file, but The error message remained. After thinking it through the same situation occured.
> So I think there is only 2 possible solution:
>  1) use the my first patch which removes the template or
>  2) move the emit{Int32,..}PutByVal implementation to both JITPropertyAccess files and there will be code duplication.

The problem is that on mips VALUE_PROFILER not enabled currently and by:
inline JITArrayMode JIT::chooseArrayMode(ArrayProfile* profile)
    ArrayModes arrayModes = profile->observedArrayModes();
    if (arrayProfileSaw(arrayModes, DoubleShape))
        return JITDouble;
    if (arrayProfileSaw(arrayModes, Int32Shape))
        return JITInt32;
    if (arrayProfileSaw(arrayModes, ArrayStorageShape))
        return JITArrayStorage;
    return JITContiguous;
    return JITContiguous;

And in jit/JITPropertyAccess32_64.cpp the body of the template function emitGenericContiguousPutByVal<> not instantiated/compiled in for Int32 and Double types. but they are declared in the jit.h header so JITPropertyAccess.cpp can reference to them. I don't know where to put the implementation of template function. Maybe in the header? Or just don't use shorthands like emitInt32PutByVal but template calls as emitGenericContiguousPutByVal<Int32Shape>?

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