[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 99578] [EFL] Share WebKit-Gtk's Accessibility implementation with others WebKit ports.

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Fri Nov 9 01:09:49 PST 2012


--- Comment #18 from Krzysztof Czech <k.czech at samsung.com>  2012-11-09 01:11:24 PST ---
> Source/WebCore/accessibility/gtk/WebKitAccessibleInterfaceText.cpp:582
> +    notImplemented()

Missing semicolon.

> Source/WebCore/accessibility/gtk/WebKitAccessibleInterfaceText.cpp:592
> +    notImplemented()

Missing semicolon.

> Source/WebCore/accessibility/gtk/WebKitAccessibleWrapperAtk.cpp:246
> +#endif // PLATFORM(GTK)

Compilation error on other platforms.
Should be moved two lines forward.

> Source/WebCore/accessibility/gtk/WebKitAccessibleWrapperAtk.cpp:248
>          }

#endif // PLATFORM(GTK)
Should be placed here.

Would like me to continue this bug ?. I think it can be already shipped to mainstream. I found only some minor mistakes

Patches do not make any problems on GTK regarding a11y layout tests.
Results are the same before and after the change.

Found 157 tests; running 138, skipping 19.
All 138 tests run as expected.

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