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--- Comment #13 from Cosmin Truta <ctruta at gmail.com>  2012-11-04 15:58:53 PST ---
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> We actually use libc++ on the Mac.

Interesting to know, thanks. Last time I worked in C++ on a Mac, there was GNU STL on OS X Lion.

I downloaded and tried to build libc++ and libc++abi on Mint 13 with clang++ 3.0, but couldn't. I understood it can be built using clang++ 3.2 pre-release on Debian Sid, but I don't have that.
However, I did examine the <algorithm> source code on libc++, and I noticed that, although std::sort doesn't appear to be using the original Introsort algorithm, it is, nonetheless, introspective. In fact, its introspection mechanism seems quite sophisticated.

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