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--- Comment #36 from Andrey Kosyakov <caseq at chromium.org>  2012-11-08 12:26:24 PST ---
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> > > I think making the fps counter chrome only makes sense.
> > 
> > I'm not suggesting we implement it on any other platform, but given that part of it is in WebCore, it would be fair to assume other platforms may (eventually) implement it. Hence we just check the capability, and the platform returns whether it can do it or not.
> I agree. So I just plumb the canShowFPSCounter request to InspectorClient and InspectorClientImpl returns the force compositing mode flag then?

That's certainly an option, but I was rather thinking of always returning true for chrome, so that we still let those that have compositing on some pages but don't have it forced use it whenever compositing is active. There probably wob't be any difference once, as Nat says, compositing would be forced everywhere.

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