[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 73920] [Qt] Tiled backing store failing to update view under certain conditions

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--- Comment #17 from Lamarque V. Souza <Lamarque.Souza at basyskom.com>  2012-11-05 09:15:44 PST ---
(In reply to comment #16)
> (In reply to comment #15)
> The coordinates need to be fixed too, so maybe something like this:
> void TileQt::resize(const IntSize& newSize)
> {
>     IntRect oldRect = m_rect;
>     m_rect = IntRect(m_rect.location(), newSize);
>     invalidate(unionRect(m_rect, oldRect));
> }

Nope, the result is the same as in comment #15.

By what I can see in the logs there are 6 tiles created after loading the second page. 2 of them are resized and 4 are marked as dirty. I guess the 4 marked as dirty are the ones righ below the visible area when I start scrolling and the 2 being resized are the ones at the end of the scrolling. I think that because if I change TiledBackingStore::updateTileBuffers() to delete/recreate the dirty tiles instead of just calling dirtyTiles[n]->updateBackBuffer() then it almost work (the tiles are created but with a delay, at first the page becomes fully transparent and only after I start scrolling the new tiles show up). I think changing TileQt::resize() is not affecting the 4 dirty tiles in the test.

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