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--- Comment #6 from grayghost at grayghostvisuals.com  2012-11-02 11:01:45 PST ---
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> I just tested the linked case and we do change the background color as it describes. Our behavior is different than Opera and Firefox though. We change the background color immediately when you hit the colored bar, they don't seem to change it until much more of the bar is hidden outside the window.
> @grayghost Can you clarify what we're supposed to be seeing here? Is this bug fixed now?

@Elliott Sprehn
The rem unit does not function inside a @media query condition (i.e. the parenthesis) 
ex.) @media only all and (min-width: 50rem) {...} 

Here is the example I prepared to see it in action.
Demo: http://codepen.io/grayghostvisuals/full/AFjDK

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