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> (From update of attachment 170490 [details])
> Why is this now a totally new layer type?  Do you plan to unify one of the other layer types with this one?
> Would you mind writing up a description somewhere of how this interface will interact with the rest of the system, or does such a design doc exist already?  Without seeing the rest of the iceberg it's hard to provide solid feedback here.

I made a new layer type because there were already two separate ways to supply texture ids to the WebExternalTextureLayer, this would have been a third one. In addition, much of the functionality previously provided by the layer was mutually exclusive with this new way. I think this makes it a more clear implementation that avoids comments along the lines of "if you follow this code path, don't use the other 2 and don't call the following functions because they don't do anything with a texture provider".

I'll write up a quick doc, but in the mean time here is most of the puzzle below.

These are CC parts of the change as well as an implementation of the texture provider and how it interacts with the webkit change. I split them up to avoid patch bombing people with one massive change.


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