[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 24413] border of <td> not displayed when border-color and border-style are used in CSS

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--- Comment #5 from Mustafizur Rahaman(rahaman) <mrahaman at innominds.com>  2012-03-08 23:23:34 PST ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> I had a discussion on this with kling in #webkit. Even though we agree that the code reference mentioned above is causing the problem, but not sure why those logic being present in HTMLTableElement::createSharedCellStyle(). Decided to take this to whatwg for further clarification.

Summary of the discussion on #whatwg with Hixie & zcorpan

(11:56:06 AM) Hixie: sounds like a bug in webkit
(11:56:25 AM) Hixie: the spec in question would be the CSS spec, though, not the HTML spec
(11:57:56 AM) zcorpan: Hixie: surely the rendering section is relevant
(11:58:20 AM) Hixie: not in this case, as far as i can tell
(11:58:27 AM) zcorpan: oh
(11:58:59 AM) Hixie: oh... wait...
(11:59:01 AM) Hixie: maybe it is...
(11:59:08 AM) Hixie: the border-width is ending up zero in webkit
(11:59:09 AM) Hixie: interesting
(11:59:15 AM) Hixie: wonder what the rendering section says about that...
(12:00:54 PM) rahaman: hixie: yeah i have debugged the relevant code in WebKit..
(12:01:25 PM) Hixie: this does seem like a webkit bug, but zcorpan is right, it's a default rendering rules bug
(12:01:25 PM) rahaman: if i dont mention border-width explicitly, the border-width is coming as zero for <td> because of some code we have written in webkit...
(12:01:55 PM) rahaman: n when I discussed about whay those part of the code is thr in #webkit, we could not find out the reason as this is old code..
(12:03:07 PM) rahaman: so me & Kling decided to discuss this here to get a clear idea of the expected behavior in such cases...
(12:04:03 PM) rahaman: hixie: I did not understand this "but zcorpan is right, it's a default rendering rules bug " :( can u pls elaborate a bit?
(12:04:19 PM) zcorpan: see http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/multipage/rendering.html#tables
(12:04:32 PM) zcorpan: that specifies the expected behavior
(12:04:38 PM) zcorpan: webkit does something different
(12:05:20 PM) zcorpan: i'd recommend writing tests against that, see that it passes other browsers (it it doesn't, maybe the spec is still wrong), and then implement it :-)
(12:05:45 PM) zcorpan: and share the tests :-)
(12:06:35 PM) zcorpan: (this can be checked with javascript so you could use http://w3c-test.org/resources/testharness.js )
(12:06:45 PM) Hixie: webkit seems to have some default rule for border-width even when there's no border attribute
(12:06:54 PM) Hixie: which contradicts the section zcorpan cited
(12:07:07 PM) Hixie: (sorry, would have explained earlier but ran into a bug with the status annotation script!)
(12:07:12 PM) rahaman: ok sure thanks zcorpan & Hixie for your time...
(12:07:24 PM) Hixie: (in case anyone got 500s changing annotations recently, that should be fixed now...)
(12:07:53 PM) zcorpan: np

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