[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 88869] renderer should not block on script-inserted stylesheets

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--- Comment #16 from Ilya Grigorik <ilya at igvita.com>  2012-06-17 11:44:17 PST ---
On some further thinking about this.. It's not clear that FF behavior is what you want all the time. We already have a *working* mechanism to determine if a stylesheet should block renderer / parsing, or not.. media-queries. 

If no media query is specified on the inserted element, then it *should* block - the implicit media is "screen", which always applies. However, if a media query is specified and evaluates to false, then we *should not* hold up the parser or rendering. 

The good news is, that's behavior as it exists today: http://jsbin.com/3/omulof/9/quiet

Making all injected stylesheets non-blocking would break the media query interface - I don't think that's what we want. Perhaps the conditional scenario is: if no media query is specified, then default to non-blocking, but if there is a media query, than make sure to evaluate it. If media is simply "screen" or evaluates to true, then it should hold up the parser and everything else. Although I'm not convinced this is a great idea... Thoughts?

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