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--- Comment #14 from Yong Li <yoli at rim.com>  2012-06-15 11:16:41 PST ---
(In reply to comment #13)
> (From update of attachment 147821 [details])
> Thinking theoretically, I see how it's elegant to GC sooner if the system is running out of memory.
> However, in practice, this kind of policy has had very surprising negative consequences. Namely:
> - Many systems always claim to be "running out of memory" because they aggressively fill RAM with virtual memory caches. On these systems, the "GC sooner" policy collects way too often, and O(n^2) at the limit. This has happened before.
> - Some systems dynamically free up memory by killing unneeded processes, evicting VM caches, or paging -- but only if we request new VM pages first. On these systems, the "GC sooner" policy substantially reduces GC performance for no practical gain.
> - Some systems respond to memory pressure by swapping portions of the heap into compressed or paged storage. On these systems, the "GC sooner" policy makes low memory conditions orders of magnitude worse by constantly swapping the GC heap back into cached/uncompressed/unpaged storage, evicting everything else. This has happened before.
> - Some systems can only tell you if you're "running out of memory" by running an expensive operation. On these systems, the "GC sooner" policy is very slow because it performs an expensive operation very frequently.
> These data points make me think that this patch would be a serious performance regression. On the meta level, these data points make me very suspicious of any GC policy change that isn't accompanied by a measurable benefit in some benchmark or known user scenario on a reasonable variety of systems. The outcome is too unpredictable for us to operate on theory alone.
> Since this patch is Blackberry-only, and doesn't have any data to prove its benefit, I'm marking it r-.
> I would reconsider if I saw clear evidence of a performance or usability advantage on a variety of systems.

Thanks for listing these scenarios that "GC sooner" isn't good. I understand this is a very system/platform specific thing. So I new plan is to do it in GCActivityCallback

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