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--- Comment #17 from Christopher Cameron <ccameron at chromium.org>  2012-06-14 15:46:48 PST ---
I've gone ahead and add a uploaded a patch which adds a useParentBackfaceVisibility flag to WebCore::LayerChromium, WebKit::WebLayer, and WebCore::CCLayerImpl.

Capturing some offline discussion with Shawn and James:

This may not be the right long-term direction.  Ideally the WebKit::WebLayer compositor interface should be able to express this "use my parent's backface visibility calculation" concept with adding this new interface.  

We need to do two things for this.  The first thing is that we need to propagate the backface-visibility property from the parent layer to the content layer (we can do this already).  The second thing that we need to do is to specify that the parent layer should have preserve-3d... BUT, only for the contents layer -- if there are any other child layers, they should not have preserve-3d set.  

And this is where things break down with the current API.  To implement this feature against the WebKit::WebLayer compositor API, we would need to change its idea of preserve-3d to be a property that a child specifies regarding its relationship to its parent, rather than being a property that a parent specifies regarding its relationship to all of its children.  This is a substantial change in terms of diff surface area, so we're punting on it for the moment.

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