[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 10408] SVGSVGElement does not support suspendRedraw, unsuspendRedraw

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--- Comment #10 from Philip Rogers <pdr at google.com>  2012-06-06 07:25:26 PST ---
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> > > > We are using SVG to create UI for our WeApp and we feel a need for suspendRedraw. The case is as follows. As scrolling is not supported by SVG we have implemented our own scrolling using translation but what we have observed is that scrolling is not smooth if the whole of UI has lots of images like 200 of them. Now this could be because the whole page is repainted and drawing only that  part of the svg document which has scrolling would probably solve our problem.
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> > > > So I would urge someone to support suspendRedraw and so please prioritize it
> > > > 
> > > > In general once you provide the feature people will use them and infact find interesting uses of them. So please do not think of dropping this
> > > 
> > > Would suspendredraw actually solve your usecase? If repaint is suspended, the portions of the svg document that were not visible initially would not have been drawn to begin with, and therefore would not be available when you scroll the svg portion. While drawing is suspended, the SVG portion would not be redrawn at all, which is probably not what you want.
> > 
> > I would not suspend the node which has scrolling but all the other nodes. The whole of UI has lots of images but the node having srolling may have a tenth of all the images. Unless SVG repaint is already optimized to paint only the part of the screen which is dirtied, calling suspendRedraw all other nodes which are not changing during scrolling will help
> SVG's repaint is already optimized to only paint the parts of the screen that are dirty.

Just a quick followup--it's always good to double-check these things. I instrumented the code and wroteup a testcase and verified that RenderSVGImage::paint skips the hard work if the dirty rect doesn't intersect the image repaint rect.

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