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--- Comment #4 from Juan Falgueras <juanfc at uma.es>  2012-06-02 00:59:40 PST ---
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> Tried a radio now, and still cannot reproduce: <http://www.lastfm.ru/listen/artists/1270,1000113,2063059>, <http://www.lastfm.ru/listen/globaltags/ambient>.
> What version of Flash do you have? Can you try updating to the newest version from <http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/>?

Are you pulling my leg?  This is the one of many bugs I have sent to these pages.  The last one is there for  a month and it is one of a severity such as hanging ANY page that has frames!  when you sweep the page back…  And it is yet there without any further comment.

This bug of Last.fm, is it a problem of flash?  Mine is the last one available 11,2,202,235.  And this is not the first time it happens. And it works perfectly (always!) with Chrome.

My router, an Huawei EchoLife  HG556a (the only one Vodafone installs everywhere) doesn't work with Safari nor Webkit… It does with Chrome.  It jumps and closes connection before any change you ask for had been made.  It is a well described bug years ago.

After years supporting the Webkit betatesting program, sorry but I am starting to think about my future with this bad support.  Web browsing and Mail (in this order) are the most important programs by far in any system.

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