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--- Comment #26 from Andrei Poenaru <poenaru at adobe.com>  2012-07-23 07:22:07 PST ---
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> > The problem with showing the information in the styles panel is that you will not have an overview of all the named flows in the page.
> Can you suggest a scenario where that would be really useful? I'm having trouble imagining one. I would think that when debugging, you'd be wondering either "Why isn't this element flowing into this region?" or "Why doesn't this region contain any content?".

The overview might come in handy when you are trying to get the big picture on how some web page is designed, especially if it is a complex one.

> > Also, by revealing another region from the same named flow (using the info in the styles pane), the styles pane is updated and it may be difficult to refocus on that named flow.
> That's true. However, I think there are better ways to solve this problem. And, it's not impossible, only inconvenient.

If a developer really wants to, he can debug a web page that uses css regions without any extension of the web inspector: css regions come down to some css properties. The problem that people who design css regions samples pointed out is that it is still a difficult task.

> I'd suggest that the patch contributor explains in greater detail the life of the flow debugging. Like what information user gets and what he/she can change live and how. But from the common sense standpoint, I'd suspect that implementing it in a rectangular view would be more flexible.

Useful information when debugging a web page that uses named flows:
* the overset property of a named flow (and how this property changes on events like resizing)
* the elements that flow into and from a named flow
* the overset property of a region
* the order in which data from a named flow is placed in the regions
* the position of a region in the web page
* the position of the region chain in the web page

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