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--- Comment #19 from Yong Li <yoli at rim.com>  2012-07-13 07:27:23 PST ---
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> (In reply to comment #10)
> > One of the difficulties of parallel image decoding is it is not always safe to call the observers in main thread, because that can trigger JS execution.
> > 
> > Please take a look at PageGroupLoadDeferrer and relevant code. For example, when a JS modal dialog is being showed, no JS event is supposed to be dispatched.
> > 
> > The other side of this problem is that one image source can have different observers from different pages, so it cannot get a pointer to a page. One solution may be making the load defer state globally accessible.
> Thank you for good information.
> You said that "it is not always safe to call the observers in main thread".
> By "to call the observers", do you mean CachedImageClient::imageChanged?
> If so, could you explain where imageChanged triggers JS execution? I can't find the code.

Never mind for this deferrer thing. I got that impression because CachedResourceClient::notifiyFinished() can trigger a JS event. But it doesn't seem to be an issue with you guys' solution, as you don't hack the data delivery path (CachedImage::data() or Image::setData()). Sorry for the false alarm. Go ahead.

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