[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 89692] Web Inspector: show worker started and finished on timeline

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--- Comment #14 from Pavel Feldman <pfeldman at chromium.org>  2012-07-13 00:57:51 PST ---
> > Hm. That would be a serios bug. We should never get here on the worker thread. Could you look into what is wrong here? This change is about reliably instrumenting creation and destruction of the worker on the main thread and you should not use workarounds if underlying code is behaving unexpectedly.
> Sorry if it sounds confusing, I was making speculations because as of now the inspector I have only shows the timeline events on the mainthread (I was trying to say I do not know if diddestroyworker would show up on the inspector window for the worker which I do not have) and unfortunately diddestroyworker is never called either way, so I used didterminatecontext to approximate when the worker is destroyed since didterminatecontext is called after the workerthread (and everything relating to it) is de-allocated which should also be valid

I do realize that it will work this way, I just want to make sure that we fix things along the way and if the one that should work is not working, we fix it instead of looking for the workaround.

> the url being passed in is more specific, the context's url is cut half, ie less specific, but the first part of the urls are identical

Why would one want the truncated url? Can we use the full url for everything?

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