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> > I will do a more thorough review shortly, but just a comment on the design.  I feel like the design for "device orientation" may not have been done correctly.  Put simply, things that are properties of the device instead of properties of the WebView should be accessed through the platform instead through the WebView.  Is device orientation really something WebView-specific?  Maybe it is possible to have two monitors that are oriented differently?  Hmm...
> Geolocation was originally accessed through the platform, but was eventually switched to the WebView, because the embedder needed to have close control over it (to handle permissions, to suspend it to save power, to control the polling frequency, etc.). It makes sense for DeviceOrientation and DeviceMotion to be implemented similarly, so that the embedder can have close control over them.
> This e-mail thread (https://lists.webkit.org/pipermail/webkit-dev/2010-December/015313.html) discusses the pros and cons of switching Geolocation from the platform-based approach to the client-based approach.

Our standard design approach is to have policy APIs at the WebView layer combined with functional APIs at the platform layer.  I think Geolocation would likely benefit from this separation of concerns too.

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