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> As mentioned above, parallel image decoders can't improve page loading time (or first paint time) dramatically if images are not cached, because it takes a long time to fetch large images and image decoding can be performed in the meantime (interleaved with loading). If images are already cached, then parallel image decoders shine! 

The abstract of your design document suggests you consistently outperform sequential image decoding.  Yet small images are excluded from threaded decodes for some reason, so perhaps that means that most web pages would be excluded?  Another result is that large image decodes are network bound, and also see no benefit.  I don't see how you can "consistently outperform" the sequential image decoders.  Perhaps the improvement is marginal at best?  It state that the cached image case "shines" (I don't know what that means) but it is the only case that benefits in some way.  Why should I care about that case?

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