[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 90772] [EFL][WK2] ewk_context needs to route InjectedBundle Messages correctly

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Wed Jul 11 01:06:41 PDT 2012


--- Comment #1 from EunMi Lee <eunmi15.lee at samsung.com>  2012-07-11 01:06:41 PST ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> ewk context does not handle received messages from InjectedBundles, so that in many of the remaining ~400 test cases that fail (compared to DRT), we see a callstack like :
> STDERR: /fast/dominik/dev/WebKitGit_EFL/Tools/WebKitTestRunner/TestInvocation.cpp(322) : WebKit::WKRetainPtr<const void*> WTR::TestInvocation::didReceiveSynchronousMessageFromInjectedBundle(WKStringRef, WKTypeRef)
> STDERR: 1   0x410290 WTR::TestInvocation::didReceiveSynchronousMessageFromInjectedBundle(OpaqueWKString const*, void const*)
> STDERR: 2   0x40cf6b WTR::TestController::didReceiveSynchronousMessageFromInjectedBundle(OpaqueWKString const*, void const*)
> STDERR: 3   0x40cec6 WTR::TestController::didReceiveSynchronousMessageFromInjectedBundle(OpaqueWKContext const*, OpaqueWKString const*, void const*, void const**, void const*)
> STDERR: 4   0x7f6954ec7a68 WebKit::WebContextInjectedBundleClient::didReceiveSynchronousMessageFromInjectedBundle(WebKit::WebContext*, WTF::String const&, WebKit::APIObject*, WTF::RefPtr<WebKit::APIObject>&)
> So, the didReceiveSynchronousMessageFromInjectedBundle callback is falling through to TestController, while it should be routed by ewk context. If this is fixed, many of those test remaining test case issues can be addressed.

I think this WTR error is not about ewk_context.
If we want to fix this issue, we have to implement TestController.cpp's
WKRetainPtr<WKTypeRef> TestController::didReceiveSynchronousMessageFromInjectedBundle(WKStringRef messageName, WKTypeRef messageBody)

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