[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 90057] llint regresses performance on some v8 benchmarks

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--- Comment #7 from Andy Wingo <wingo at igalia.com>  2012-07-10 12:54:23 PST ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> (In reply to comment #5)
> > (In reply to comment #4)
> > > 372328822 : Total
> > > 232485832 : InlineCacheHit
> > > 66597673  : OutOfLineCacheHit
> > > 56115209  : NotCacheable
> > 
> > They're basically all base mismatches: slot.slotBase() != baseValue.  I'll see if adding a get_by_id_proto will help.
> Why not add a llint_op_get_by_id_stub like:
> _llint_op_get_by_id_stub:
>     traceExecution()
>     loadis 16[PB, PC, 8], t0
>     loadConstantOrVariableCell(t0, t1, .opGetByIdSlow)
>     jmp something[PB, PC, 8]
> _llint_op_get_by_id_stub_slow:
>     callSlowPath(_llint_slow_path_get_by_id)
>     dispatch(9)
> and modify the DFGRepatch get_by_id/put_by_id patching code to be able to work with LLInt as well?  The DFG patching code is really powerful in that it is parameterized by the set of registers free, the set of registers that holder relevant info, etc.  So you'd just tell it that GPRInfo::regT1 holds the object base and all other registers (except PB, PC, cfr) are free.  Essentially you'll be telling it that you're in "registersFlushed" as the DFG calls it.  Then, just modify it so that (1) its fast path jump is replaced by an LLInt dispatch, (2) its patched calls (for getter accesses) save PB, PC appropriately for stack walking (instead of saving CodeOrigin as the DFG would have done), and (3) that the slow path jump jumps to llint_op_get_by_id_stub_slow.
> And viola, you'll have full polymorphic caching in LLInt!  Though of course it will rely on the JIT being enabled.

Very interesting!  I will look into this tomorrow.

FWIW, it seems that the biggest gain on the V8 tests is having an op_get_by_id_proto.  With that and some other strategies similar to what the classic interpreter does, I got it up to:

Richards: 858
DeltaBlue: 787
Crypto: 1573
RayTrace: 2557
EarleyBoyer: 3404
RegExp: 397
Splay: 4319
NavierStokes: 1968
Score (version 7): 1537

Not a startling improvement, but it is better for this one test.

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